Announcing a marriage in Hawaiian


You ask. We answer.

HAWAII Magazine reader David Sand had a question about announcing a marriage in Hawaiian.

How do I write “I am pleased to announce the marriage of my daughter, (girl’s name), to (boy’s name)” in the Hawaiian language?

Of course, we queried one of the best authorities we know on the matter: Hawaiian language expert Puakea Nogelmeier. Frequent visitors might be familiar with Nogelmeier’s voice. He’s the voice on our Web site’s “How Hawaiian Should Sound” page.

Nogelmeier’s answer on the wedding question?


To get it absolutely right, you would need a kahako—that short line above the “o” in no and the “a” in ia, otherwise known as a macron. The macron indicates a long or stressed “o” and “a” sound.

In any case, best wishes to the bride and groom (and parents) from all of us at HAWAII Magazine.

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