Check Out this Ultimate Hidden Kauaʻi Getaway

The Longhouse is a luxe eco-villa minutes away from Poʻipū, and is one of Kauaʻi's best getaways.
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The view. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

After a morning spent hiking in Kōke‘e State Park, I feel rejuvenated leisurely swimming from one end of a 30-foot saltwater pool to the other. Just 10 minutes pass at the infinity pool at our hidden Kauaʻi getaway, but that’s more than enough time to know that we’re scratching our dinner reservation. My friend and I will be spending the better portion of the evening here.  

The Garden Isle has long been considered a place of escape, where people can disconnect from the outside world and be immersed in lush surroundings, whether that’s by hiking the island’s epic terrain or merely basking in its healing nature.   

At the Longhouse, guests have access to both. The luxe eco-villa is minutes from the beaches in Po‘ipū and about an hour drive from Kōke‘e State Park and its nearly 45 miles of hiking trails. It’s also tucked away in the hills of Kalāheo on Kaua‘i’s south side, providing unparalleled peace and privacy.  

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The exterior of the Longhouse.
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Although my friend and I are relieved to be free of any plans, we lack provisions. Fortunately, Lāwa‘i Market is just a 10-minute drive away. The small shop is in the former Lāwa‘i General Store near the intersection of Kōloa Road and Kaumuali‘i Highway. After some loving renovations, the market opened in 2020 with a café serving espresso, smoothies, breakfast burritos and even lamb gyros. I’m tempted by the baskets of baked goods that were made this morning and the locally grown fruits and vegetables that look as if they were harvested mere hours ago. Beside the rows of organic chips, I find an aisle filled with craft beers, hard kombucha and specialty wine. My friend selects cheddar and brie while I choose a few boxes of crackers. And we don’t forget to grab a bottle of Prosecco. 

With our smorgasbord of snacks and glasses of sparkling wine, we watch from the villa’s pool as the sun sinks over the southern shore. Not long after, a blanket of shimmering stars dots the night sky. From our lounge chairs we even spot white slivers of the Milky Way.   

Inspired by a life at sea, Bruna Stude and her husband built their home and eco-villa, what they named the “Longhouse,” to be in harmony with the island’s natural landscape. The Studes constructed the villa after decades working in the yachting industry, a demanding environment that taught the couple not only what guests seek in accommodations, but what they prefer in a home, too.  

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Cool pool views.
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

The Longhouse displays elegant exposed wooden walls made with a mix of hardwood, including red balau, merbau and ironwood. Inside, the living room and bedroom open to a deck with sweeping views of green pastures rolling down to the blue Pacific. Floor-to-ceiling windows cover the south-facing side of the home, allowing guests to enjoy the view from the queen-size bed or massive soaking tub. Stude jokes the spacious bathroom makes up for the years that she and her husband spent in cramped quarters. I enjoy the bathroom’s outdoor shower, a feature common on boats and one the Studes grew to like, too.   

The interior decor also reflects the Studes’ travels around the world. The walls display artwork by European painters while antiques from the South Pacific fill the corners. Every time I step into the living room, I’m captivated by the canoe carved into the shape of an alligator. Stude bought the exquisite canoe from a fisherman in Papua New Guinea years ago. At the time, she imagined it would eventually be incorporated into the structure of a home. Now, it rests perfectly on a ceiling beam above the living room.  

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Lay your head in this gorgeous bedroom.
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Outside, I find native red ‘ōhi‘a lehua trees growing on the hillside. The trees were here long before the Studes, who take great care to ensure they continue to thrive. The couple recently planted seedlings of the yellow variety. “We are continually making an effort to propagate native vegetation,” Stude says. She recently planted several endangered pōkalakala trees, which are native to Kaua‘i, as well as lo‘ulu palms.  

In the early hours of the morning, I sit on the deck enamored by the glowing light as the sun rises over Kaua‘i. I search for the resident pueo (the Hawaiian short-eared owl) that Stude says makes regular appearances at dawn and dusk. In this moment, I feel more connected to the Garden Isle and less to the outside world. 

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