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14 adorable dogs that are living and loving the Hawaii life

If you need some happy-go-lucky dogs in your life, check out this list.

With Hawaii's sunny, tropical climate, numerous hikes and beaches around every corner, the Islands perfectly match the adventurous and excitable spirits of our favorite canine companions. Whether they're chasing sand up and down the beach or kayaking to unknown lands with their owners, the pups of Hawaii always seem to have a smile on their face. Below are just a few (of our many) favorite dog and pup photos.

1. Salty sea dog

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Spot the Sea Dog

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2. Modern art for a Shiba Inu


3. Chasing tails and waterfalls


4. Aloha pup looking aloha chic


5. Sandbar baes


6. Endless paw-sibilities 

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Sitting on the dock of the bay Go for an adventure today #optoutside Behind the scenes: it was kinda a gloomy afternoon at the house, but I convinced myself that Sierra & I needed an adventure more than Netflix. I had seen pics of this place, but never been so I decided to check it out. We got there and grabbed some pics that were ok, but just didn’t have anything special to them. As we sat on the dock all of a sudden a hole in the clouds opened up and these amazing sun rays poured through lighting up the peaks in front of us perfectly. I scrambled to get the tripod setup again as I knew it wouldn’t last. We got this shot and a minute later the light was gone again. Sometimes your just lucky and are in the right place at the right time.

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7. View for two


8. A lot to smile about


9. Finding shade

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Gettin shady at #pipeline 😎#lifeofemilio #eastersunday

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10. Around every corner is a cute dog


11. Golden days

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Suns out, Tongues out 😛😝🐶

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12. Coconuts make the best chew toy


13. Sandy snouts


14. Urban model


Bonus: Cats love Hawaii, too.