Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

Doing the Work

The doers, organizations, foundations and donors.

It’s never just
one thing.

It’s never just
one person.

“People will shake their finger at me and say, ‘you need to do this one thing.’ But that’s the problem. It can’t be solved with just one thing. It’s complex. It’s everywhere. And it takes all of us.”

-Nanci Kreidman, Domestic Violence Action Center

“The answer is so much more than housing. It goes deep.
We have to look beyond simply finding a home.”

-Connie Mitchell, The Institute for Human Services

“We have to listen and learn from the old-timers, those who’ve been here for generations. Complex problems require comprehensive solutions.”

-Terry George, The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

“We keep realizing how much we are still learning from our father, now thirteen years after his passing.”

-Elizabeth Steele, The Steele Family