In partnership with aio Foundation, IHS clients move into Kahauiki Village- an affordable permanent housing facility for former homeless families with children.

Photo: Aaron Yoshino

The Institute for Human Services


To create and offer tailored solutions for those in crisis, and nurture homeless people toward greater self-direction and responsibility.


IHS, The Institute for Human Services, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) private non-profit organization, is Hawaii’s oldest, largest and most comprehensive human services agency exclusively focused on ending and preventing homelessness in Hawaii. The organization has all the services in house necessary to address any person’s crisis. Services offered include emergency and specialty shelters, daily meal programs, housing, employment, healthcare, case management, family programs and homeless outreach.

IHS is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF); an international third-party evaluator that upholds strict standards for operating facilities that offer clinical services to vulnerable populations.


Annual Thanksgiving Homeward Bound 5k Race/Fun Run

Annual Holiday Card Campaign

Annual Faith Summit on Homelessness

Annual Children’s Summer Fun

October 2019 - Hawaii for Hawaii Live Telethon & Concert 

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To refer homeless, make donations, sponsor a meal or have any public inquiries/questions, please contact or call 808-447-2845.


Connie Mitchell, Executive Director

Eric Batalon, Director of Advancement

Kanui Bell, Director of Programs & Evaluation

Kimo Carvalho, Director of Community Relations

Jerry Coffee, Clinical Director

Kali French, Director of Clinical Program Administration

Minda Golez, Director of Housing & Employment

Tony MacDonald, Director of Finance

Gordon Ortiz, Director of Facility Operations

Ruth Weerapan, Director of Human Resources


Jayson Harper, President

David Morimoto, Finance

Lynne Unemori, External Affairs

Ellen G. Carson, Governance

Tracy Tonaki, Secretary

K. James Steiner, Audit

Institute for Human Services