Photo: Aaron Yoshino

The Institute for Human Services


To create and offer tailored solutions for those in crisis and to nurture homeless people toward greater self-direction and responsibility.


Imagine a Hawai‘i where formerly homeless men, women, children and families are empowered with hope, dignity and a fresh start in safe, decent and affordable homes. For more than 40 years, IHS, The Institute for Human Services, has empowered people to develop personal responsibility and become contributing members of society.

Every year, IHS serves over 5,000 people who are homeless or are in danger of becoming so. The organization helps with a wide variety of needs: housing and rental assistance, access to emergency and specialty shelters, daily meals, specialized case management, employment support, health services, veterans assistance and family programs.

As Hawai‘i’s most comprehensive service provider, IHS develops effective solutions, educates communities and fights for better laws and policies to end and prevent homelessness.

It is a local nonprofit and 100% of donations stay in Hawai‘i.


Connie Mitchell, Executive Director

Leina Ijacic, Chief Administrative Officer

Kanui Bell, Director of Programs & Evaluation

Jill Wright, Director of Philanthropy & Community Relations

Jerry Coffee, Clinical Director

Kali French, Director of Clinical Administration

Minda Golez, Director of Housing & Employment

Tony McDonald, Director of Finance

Gordon Ortiz, Director of Facility Operations

Ruth Weerapan, Director of Human Resources

E: 808-447-2800