Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve Closed Indefinitely

Sorry beach lovers, but Oahu’s iconic bay has been shut down due to a malfunctioning sewage pump.
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UPDATE: Wednesday, May 8, 2019: According to City & County of Honolulu officials, the entirety of Hanauma Bay, including the beach, upper viewing area, parking lots and education center, will be reopened to the public tomorrow morning, May 9, following repairs to the affected sewage pump. 

Hanauma Bay has closed to the public Monday, as a sewage pump which was routed to all of the restroom facilities in the nature reserve began to malfunction. As a result, all areas of the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve has been closed, including the beach, upper viewing area, parking lots and education center. 

Although the bay has been closed in recent months due to high bacteria levels in the water, this occurrence leaves beachgoers without a timeframe as to when the reserve will reopen.

“We are currently assessing the issue with the pump to determine the extent of the problem, therefore there is no estimated repair and reopening time available,” said the city in a press release. 

Unfortunately, since the bay’s upper viewing area is closed, outdoor enthusiasts will not be able to enjoy the epic views seen from Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve’s many hikes and trails. However, there are many more spectacular hikes in the Honolulu area for active individuals to enjoy that will reward with similar views, such as the Diamond Head Summit Trail

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