Have Aloha Will Travel EP111: Kīlauea Eruption Viewing Tips

This week on the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast, Cat and Kevin talk story before jumping into some tips on how to visit Kīlauea.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Hawaiʻi Volcano Observatory/USGS

Back for another episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast, Catherine Toth Fox and Kevin Allen talk story before diving into a few topics on today’s episode.

Of course, Kīlauea has been in the news with its most recent eruption, so Cat and Kevin have decided to dish on some tips knowledge about visiting the eruption. Cat also wrote an entire article—6 Tips to View Hawaiʻi’s Erupting Volcano—about the topic. Segueing off of discussing what visitors should know before checking out the eruption, the topic of how to be a culturally-conscious traveler to Hawaiʻi was also brought up in today’s episode, and you can find our article on that subject here.

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