Have Aloha Will Travel EP91: Another Round of Hawaiʻi Q&A

You've got questions, we've got answers.
Young Woman Practices Yoga At Coastal Overlook
Photo: Getty Images

It’s Q&A time, as we’ve got a whole round of new questions to be answered by the hosts of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast.

If you ever wanted to know how to get a lei to your friends and family on the Mainland, or need clarification on the hours of Diamond Head State Monument, then this is the episode for you.

As always, we’re on the lookout for more great questions about Hawaiʻi. If you have anything at all you’re curious about when it comes to the Rainbow State, please let us know by sending an email to ask@hawaiimagazine.com, and your question may be read and answered on our next Q&A episode.

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