Have Aloha Will Travel EP93: Hawaiʻi Trivia with the HAWAIʻI Magazine Staff

Think you know Hawaiʻi? Love trivia? Then this episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast is for you.
Hawaii Luau Party Maui Fire Tiki Torches With Open Flames Burning At Sunset Sky Clouds At Night. Hawaiian Cultural Travel Vacation Background.
Photo: Getty Images

The gang is back—in person—to tackle some Hawaiʻi-specific trivia questions and flex their knowledge of the Islands in a trivia quiz. If you think you know all about the Rainbow State, then feel free to play along with Cat, Kevin and Grace as they ask each other questions that may leave you stumped.

If you got all of Cat’s questions correct—easily the toughest of the bunch—email kevina@hawaiimagazine.com and we’ll shout you out on the next episode.

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