‘Hawai‘i Artists for Racial Justice’ Raise Money for Black Lives Matter Movement

These 17 Hawai‘i artists are using their talents to spread awareness about human rights and racial justice.
Photo: Collage by Shelley Shiroma

Artists across the state are coming together under the banner of “Hawai‘i Arists for Racial Justice” to raise money and awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw a resurgence in public visibility due to protests ignited last week after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man from Minneapolis.

Proceeds from this ongoing online event will benefit organizations such as NAACP and Black Visions Collective.

Here are some of the artists participating in “Hawai‘i Artists for Racial Justice.” Originally, the collective planned to donate 100% of all proceeds of any artwork bought within 24 hours to the causes listed above, but some will continue to donate their proceeds until Friday.

1. Punky Aloha Studio/Shar Tuiasoa

“Creating awareness is one part of the puzzle. Using our abilities and platforms is one part of the puzzle. But I think doing the hard work is what will make a real change.” (via Instagram)


2. Kat Reeder


3. Christie Shinn


4. Margaret Rice


5. Kim Sielbeck


6. Ashley Kaase


7. Lauren Roth


8. Sarah Caudle


9. Sheila Chen


10. Nick Kuchar


11. Janet Meinke-Lau


12. Nicole Nakata


13. Bree Poort


14. Boz Schurr


15. Kate Wadsworth


16. Jenna Wellein


17. Lindsay Wilkins



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