Hawaiian Airlines “Hawaii Five-0” sale: Round-trip Hawaii airfares as low as $308


First, Hawaiian Airlines struck a deal with CBS to premiere the network’s redux of Hawaii Five-0 on the carrier’s U.S. Mainland-Hawaii flights all this month, before the rest of the country got to see it tonight. Then, at last week’s Five-0 beach premiere in Waikiki, we scoped a prominently placed Hawaiian Airlines jet in the opening credits, (alongside a shirtless Alex O’Loughlin, no less), punctuated by the grooviest TV series theme in history.

Corporate partnerships clearly have their rewards. But if your wish is to be chilling in Hawaii after the new year, the Hawaii Five-0/Hawaiian Airlines partnership is one you could actually get some serious benefits from.

Hawaiian Airlines’ new Hawaii Five-0 airfare sale, features roundtrip fare deals from 10 mainland destinations to Oahu and Maui for as low as $308. Bonus? Fares are good for travel at one of our favorite times of the year here in the Islands, and one of the coldest in the rest of the 49 states: winter.

The Five-0 deals are for travel to Hawaii between Jan. 10 and March 10, 2011. You’ll have to book your reservations between now and Sept. 30, 2010.

Here’s the list of flights and fares:

• Portland, Ore.-Honolulu, Oahu        $308

• Seattle, Wash.-Honolulu, Oahu        $308

• Portland, Ore.-Kahului, Maui        $308

• Phoenix, Ariz.-Honolulu, Oahu        $328

• Oakland, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu        $338

• San Jose, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu        $338

• San Francisco, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu    $338

• Los Angeles, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu    $348

• Las Vegas, Nev.-Honolulu, Oahu        $378

• Sacramento, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu        $388

• San Diego, Calif.-Honolulu, Oahu        $408

• Las Vegas, Nev.-Kahului, Maui        $408

• Seattle, Wash.-Kahului, Maui        $422

For more information on Hawaiian Airlines Hawaii Five-0 airfare sale, restrictions, rules or to make reservations, click here.

Mercifully, you won’t have to say, “Book ‘em, Hawaiian Air!” to reserve any of the deals.

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