Indiana Jones and the Search for Tetraplasandra Lydgatei


When is the life of a field botanist akin to that of a certain silver-screen archeologist, who’s famous for getting into potentially dangerous situations in remote locales?

Hawaii’s field botanists dangle from helicopters. They work in the pelting downpours of mountain rainforests. They navigate down sheer 3,000 foot oceanside cliffs. They battle wild pigs. All in the name of science.

These mild-mannered botanists are working diligently to save plant life in Hawaii’s fragile ecosystems.

In the March/April print edition of HAWAII Magazine, Kauai-based science writer Jan Tenbruggencate’s terrific feature “Into the Wild” rappels you into their world of remote mountain valleys and rare plants.

What exactly is Tetraplasandra lydgatei and what do our field botanists have to do with it? Pick up a copy of HAWAII Magazine at Borders Books and Music and Barnes & Noble stores nationwide and find out.

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