More Kilauea lava flow photos


Lava was still flowing into the ocean today at four locations off the Big Island’s Puna Coastline.

Due to another shift in flow direction, Hawaii County officials moved a visitor viewing area to a new location, this one with views of lava entering the ocean. The viewing area has been moved daily since county officials opened it on Saturday. Thousands of Hawaii residents and visitors have flocked to site daily since.

Access to the viewing area is still at the end of Highway 130 on the Kalapana side of the flow, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily—click here for more information.

Here are some photos of current lava activity, courtesy of the USGS.

  Lava entering the ocean yesterday at Waikupanaha on the Big Island’s Puna coastline.
more_Kilauea_lava_flow_photos What remains of Royal Gardens subdivision is visible in the background as lava enters the ocean yesterday at Waikupanaha. Steam from the eruption vent farther upslope is visible on the horizon.
more_Kilauea_lava_flow_photos A two yards wide flow moves over older Royal Gardens subdivision flows on March 7.


An active `a`a (or rough and brittle) flow covers a recent pahoehoe (or smooth and ropy) flow in Royal Gardens on March 7.

For larger versions of the USGS photos, click here.

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