napali test


1. Nowhere is the epic quality of Hawaii’s stunning natural landscape as apparent as on Kauai’s Napali Coast. 


2. Even from the heights of a helicopter, the Napali is larger than life.

napali coast
Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority/Ron Garnett


3. Truly stunning from every angle.



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4. A jawdropping image is 110% guaranteed.



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5. There are mountain ridges, and then there are Napali Coast mountain ridges.



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6. Its beauty goes on and on (and on) for miles.

napali coast
Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson



7. *Cue hallelujah chorus!!*

napali coast
Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson



8. Its remote beaches look incredibly inviting from way up here.

napali coast kauai
Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson



9. No matter how high up, it’s constantly in-your-face gorgeous.




10. The perspective of iconic sights like the Opening Ceiling Cave are incredible by air.



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11. You soar around another corner and it feels like entering another planet.


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12. Also have you even been somewhere over the rainbow? Now you have.



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13. The ocean waves breaking against the cliffside are spectacular. 




14. Bet your daily commute doesn’t include views like this.


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15. Watching others experience the Napali by sea from above offers its own kind of beauty and harmony.



16. When the light hits Kauai just right, it’s a religious experience.



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17. We’d say “don’t look down,” except you need to totally look down.

kauai napali
Photo: Jakob Owens


18. So many hidden valleys you wouldn’t see except from above.



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19. Once you’re able to speak again, you’ll probably want to start planning your next Napali adventure.