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How to make Hawaii plate-lunch-style macaroni salad. Two recipes.

hawaii_style_plate_lunch_macaroni_salad_recipeMacaroni salad is a staple of the Hawaii-style plate lunch.

Typically scooped onto lunch plates along with a couple mounds of white rice, the seemingly divergent starches combine forces as ideal pairings to just about any main dish.

A Hawaii-style barbecue chicken or beef mixed plate without a scoop of mayonnaise-laden mac salad to mix into some of the grilled meat’s sweet-and-tangy shoyu, sugar, garlic, ginger marinade? To many Hawaii residents, as unthinkable as not being able to soak up the same sauce with a forkful of white rice.

Making Hawaii-style plate lunch mac salad is easy. The bonus? Once you learn the basics, the recipe can be adapted into an endless array of variations depending on your individual tastes.

On the pages ahead, we get you started with two basic recipes for Hawaii-style macaroni salad and a history of the popular local side dish, excerpted from the new book Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands.  The book, by Hawaii writer Arnold Hiura, is chockfull of the history and stories of favorite Hawaii foods, much of it accompanied by terrific family recipes you can try out for yourself.

In a previous HawaiiMagazine.com post, we excerpted a Kau Kau recipe for Hawaii-style barbecue (teriyaki) sauce and brief history of the popular local grilling marinade.  With the macaroni salad recipes on the following pages, all you’ll need is a pot of hot white rice for your own Hawaii-style barbecue mixed plate lunch or dinner.

Hungry? Read on.

Hawaii: Where Mac Salad is King
(excerpted from “Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands,” by Arnold Hiura, Watermark Publishing, 2009. Reprinted with permission.)

Even the most casual survey would confirm that Hawaii’s diverse local cuisine is held together by two elements common to all plate lunches—rice and macaroni salad. It makes sense, as both of these foods are relatively bland and nicely complement just about any form of flavorful entrĂ©e, from teriyaki and beef stew to adobo and kim chee, and beyond.

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