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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Maui Ziplines

After four days, my count stood at 34 ziplines—every zipline on the island of Maui. I’d taken a ride on all of ‘em.

It was a challenge I’d been anxious to take on. Two years ago, I’d first strapped myself into a harness, clipped to a pulley and zoomed down on a steel cable through the forests and valleys along the West Maui Mountains above Kapalua. Over the next couple of years, I watched the number of zipline tours on Maui increase. The list now includes lines on the slopes of Mount Haleakala and on valley ridgelines overlooking central Maui. Clearly, it was time to head back. This time, for a zipline abbondanza.

The verdict? There’s a great course on the Valley Isle for just about every kind of zipliner—from first-timers to aficionados, from leisure riders to speed, length and height junkies.

Here’s HAWAII Magazine's first-hand guide to the Maui ziplines:


Piiholo Ranch Zipline

No. of lines: 5

Length of lines: 480 feet to 2,800 feet

Maximum height: 600 feet

Course ideal for: People who don’t like long walks between lines.

Claim to fame: Stunning upcountry Maui and Haleakala views. Tied for second-longest zipline in Hawaii.

Sailing over the lush and breezy forest canopy of Upcountry Maui with Piiholo, I found the toughest part about its collection of lines deciding which way to look. The scenery on both sides of me was often spectacular.

Located on an 800-acre Makawao ranch, Piiholo’s ziplines were all about views. On one side, Haleakala’s cloud-free summit. On the other, distant north shore Maui surf. Folks aiming to move quickly from line to line with little hiking will appreciate the treehouse-like course’s hub design, and the short walk from the parking lot to the first line—across a ravine on a 317-foot suspension bridge, no less.

As with guides on all of the Maui zipline tours we took, Piiholo’s staff took every opportunity to talk about the history of the land, about nearby towns and the endemic and invasive flora and fauna we encountered on the course.

Best zipline: Line No. 5. Its 2,800 feet take a full minute to leisurely traverse. You’ll see zipliners rush by on lines beneath you and, on a clear day, get stunning views of the entirety of Upcountry Haleakala.

Call (808) 572-1717, www.piiholozipline.com

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