9 ways to get the most from your kitchen and bathroom

Hawaii building and design pros weigh in on what you should do with your next remodel.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most heavily used areas in almost any home, and are ultimately proving to be some of the best areas to invest in when it comes to renovating. From proper lighting to pre-planning, and even cabinet care, these pros share their best tips on navigating your kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

1. Utilize Multiple Light Sources

“Use multiple layers of light to ensure proper coverage,” says Tom Ogawa, owner of Lighting Concepts and Design, on lighting up a room. “A good example of this would be to incorporate recessed lighting, a chandelier or a flush-mount fixture and table or floor lamps together.” Each fixture fills a different need, and can be broken down into three general categories: task lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting. In Ogawa’s example, the recessed lighting is considered to be either task or accent lighting, while the flush-mount fixture and the chandelier are considered ambient lighting. “All of the light sources play a different role, and as a result, you will have an evenly illuminated room that should feel spacious and comfortable,” he concludes.

2. Don’t Forget to Check the Temperature

As LEDs start to become a popular choice for homeowners, it’s important to consider the color of these lights, based on how you intend to use them. Color temperature, measured in kelvins, indicate the hue of light that will be emitted. Lower temperatures will produce a warmer glow, while higher temperatures will produce a cooler, whiter tone. “For the most part, we use ‘warm’ white (2,700 K to 3,000 K) and ‘cool’ white (3,500 K to 4,100 K) in our residential projects,” says Ogawa. Although every project is different, he typically recommends using a warm white in the bedroom and living room, due to the traditional, cozy type of light it brings. Cool white – a crisper, brighter light –  is recommended for kitchens, pantries and bathrooms.

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