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The aio Foundation’s mission is to create a better future for Hawai‘i by providing opportunities for our young people to grow into thoughtful, educated, community-minded individuals with a deep appreciation of our home state. 


The aio Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports academic, athletic and artistic programs that enable Hawai‘i’s youth to develop the skills and knowledge to become self-sustaining, community-minded contributors who work toward making the Islands a better place. Support is available for organizations o ering opportunities in workforce/career development, life skills, communication, personal or cultural development for Hawai‘i’s youth. The aio Foundation o ers sponsorships and a quarterly aio Amplify media outreach campaign program; these may be applied for via the Foundation website. In addition, the aio Foundation o ers ongoing support to the Reach the Runway program, mentorship to Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders, the Hawai‘i’s Next 50 contest and the VEX IQ Hawai‘i robotics program. The Kahauiki Village community for homeless families is the aio Foundation’s marquee project. 


Volunteers are the unsung heroes in executing a successful event. Please consider volunteering for aio Foundation’s various events. Email

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Hervy Kurisu, President Emeritus

Jaime Kinoshita Oliveira, President

Darin Isobe, Vice President
Kathy Kakugawa, Treasurer
Dawn Sakamoto Paiva, Secretary

Warren Daubert
Lynn Hirashima
Chris “Hart” Kessell
Art Kimura
Donna Kodama-Yee

aio Foundation

1000 Bishop Street, Suite 202

Honolulu, HI 96813