Honolulu Museum of Art


The Honolulu Museum of Art strives to be Hawai‘i’s premier art institution – inspiring, educating and building community through the collection, preservation, presentation and creation of amazing art.


HoMA is a unique gathering place where art, history, culture, education and varying worldviews converge right in the heart of Honolulu. We are honored to host more than 50,000 pieces of amazing art from all corners of the globe, spanning 5,000 years, from ancient times to contemporary society, and representing all major cultures of Hawai‘i and beyond. Whether you’re seeing our collection for the first time, reliving your childhood love of art through a class, snagging tickets for the latest art house film festival or just stopping by for your weekly foodie fix at the Café, HoMA is a vital part of Hawai‘i’s cultural landscape. We are committed to serving the community as a place to learn, be inspired, connect to the world and just hang out.


HoMA hosts free field trips for over 15,000 students annually, many of whom have never experienced a museum before. We also partner with the DOE to preserve and support art education in schools across the state, and ensure kids from all backgrounds get to experience the transformative power of creativity.


Board of Trustees


Kitty Wo, Chair

Sharon Twigg-Smith, Vice-Chair

Herb Conley, Vice President

Michelle Ho, Secretary          

Mark Burak, Treasurer

Violet S.W. Loo, Chair Emeritus

Rajiv Batra

Cecilia Doo

Allison Gendreau

Elizabeth Grossman

Priscilla Growney

Corine Hayashi

Stephanie Hee

Michael Horikawa

Claire Johnson

Lynne Johnson

Robert S. Katz

Akemi Kurokawa

James Lally

Patricia Y. Lee

Watters O. Martin, Jr.

Noreen Mulliken

James F. Pierce

Judith Pyle

Jean E. Rolles

Jay H. Shidler

Kelly Sueda

Donna Tanoue

Ruedi Thoeni

Indru Watumull

Kaili Chun

Melissa Lum

Simon Treacy

Michael Watanabe

Senior Leadership Team        

Mark Burak, Interim Museum Director

Allison Wong, Deputy Director

Aaron Padilla, Director of Learning and Engagement

Cynthia Low, Director of Collections

Kevin Imanaka, Chief Communications Officer

Sharon Stillman, Director of Human Resources

Tania Ginoza, Chief Financial Officer

900 South Beretania Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

P: 808-532-8700