Podcast Show Notes: Have Aloha Will Travel EP51

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!
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On their steady march to episode 100, Cat and Kevin reconvene on the mics to answer your questions.

Picked out from emails, Facebook comments and Instagram inquiries, the duo discusses a wide range of topics, like why subscribers are now receiving HONOLULU Magazine, what the “best” time to visit Hawaiʻi is and how locals feel about mainland visitors.

While talking about how subscribers can change their subscriptions if they don’t prefer HONOLULU Magazine, Cat directed them to email help@hawaiimagazine.com. And in the second question regarding COVID-19 travel, Cat mentions a very useful website where travelers can go to get all of the latest information on traveling to Hawaiʻi, which can be found here. Also, the fourth question of the podcast tackles the question of what time being the best time to travel to Hawaiʻi, and we’ve written a whole article about that here.

Speaking of articles on the website, Kevin mentions a piece written about what to do if you happen upon a hula ceremony—which was written by Kalei Nuuhiwa. You can find that here. Lastly, in regards to a question asked about whether or not you need to learn the Hawaiian language before moving to Hawaiʻi, Kevin mentions an article (and a video) that highlights 38 Pidgin and Hawaiian phrases everyone should know.

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