Recipe: Taps & Apps Avocado Crab Bomb

Packed with fresh blue crab and a spicy dynamite sauce, this appetizer really is 'da bomb.'
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Avocado Crab Bomb

This savory appetizer with a kick of spice really is the bomb. It’s packed with fresh blue lump crab mixed with a spicy dynamite sauce. Think spicy crab roll on steroids, stuffed into a creamy, buttery avocado, then breaded and deep fried to perfection.


2  Hass avocado
12 oz snow crab meat (completely drained of water)
¼  medium red onion (small dice)
½  cup mayonnaise
2  tbsp Sriracha
½  lemon (juiced)
2  tbsp scallion (chopped)
1  tsp sugar
1  tsp salt
2  cups flour
4  eggs + ½ c water (egg wash)
4  cups frying oil, or canola oil


-Cut avocados in half, lengthwise. Discard seed and remove skin. Keep avocado intact and place in freezer while prepping.
-Squeeze out all liquid from snow crab and set aside.
-Combine ingredients 4 through 9 and mix well to incorporate.
-Mix snow crab meat and ½ cup of Sriracha mayo sauce (reserve the rest of the sauce for finished bomb.)
-Place 3 oz of crab mix into hollowed-out half avocado. Mix should be formed as the other half of the avocado. Repeat with other 3 halves of avocado and place in fridge.
-Set up a breading station using the flour, egg wash, and panko. In that order, bread each bomb. Completely cover bomb with flour, but knock off excess. Then do the same with the egg wash and finally the panko. You may hold these for up to 3 days.
-In a 2-quart pot, heat oil to 350°. Fry bombs for 2 minutes on each side.
-Drain on paper towel and cut in half. Plate and enjoy with remaining Sriracha mayo sauce.


Recipe courtesy Taps & Apps95-1830 Meheula Pkwy. Suite C6, Mililani Town, Oahu. (808) 626-TAPS.


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