The top submissions to HAWAI‘I Magazine’s 2016 Photo Contest

hawaii magazine photo contest
A top entry in our Outdoor category this year. Photo by Noreen Flanagan

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Fact: If you travel to Hawaii, you’re going to leave with more than one good photo. For our 17th Annual Photo Contest, we received thousands of submissions from photographers around the world in four contest categories: Outdoors, People, Culture and Abstract. While not the final winners—you can see those printed in our current January/February 2016 issue on sale now—these images were top contenders in the final rounds.

hawaii magazine photo contest abstract princeville
Photo and caption by Duane Cline of Lomita, CA

“While touring the Princeville Botanical Gardens on Kauai I was struck by the colors and patterns in a group of Heliconia Indica leaves and took a close-up photo.”

Category: Abstract / Location: Princeville Botanical Gardens, Kauai


pipeline banzai photo contest hawaii magazine
Photo and caption by Gavin Shigesato of Mililani, HI

“When I think of the North Shore I think about Pipeline. I swam out this today during the Backdoor shootout contest with hopes of getting photos of the best surfers in the world as well as a few blue empty waves. I shot this swimming in the channel. Surf was pumping and perfect.”

Category: Outdoors / Location: Pipeline, Oahu


people hawaii photo contest magazine
Photo and caption by Gary Martel of Portland, OR

“I was hiking with my family at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park when I saw this local man and his child. He was about to go fishing. I thought they would make a wonderful photography that depicted the local lifestyle.”

Category: People / Location: Puuhonua o Honaunau Park, Hawaii Island


honolulu hawaii oahu photo contest
Photo and caption by Jason K Chu of Honolulu, HI

“This is a giant, 618 megapixel panorama of Honolulu at night (at full resolution), and the most difficult panorama I’ve ever merged. The image was composited from 28 individual frames each shot at a focal length of 105mm with a 36 megapixel sensor, over the course of 30 minutes. In the full resolution image, individual people can be easily discerned on Waikiki beach. The image captures buildings as far as Pearl City and Waipahu in the center-left, and as far as the hotels around Ko`olina on the very left, and the Waianae Mountains. A light trail of a plane landing can also be seen. Another difficulty was capturing downtown Honolulu which was much brighter than the foreground buildings on the lower left.”

Category: Outdoor / Location: Honolulu, Oahu


kapalua maui xterra
Photo and caption by Mark Moquin of Makawao, HI

“Shot from a helicopter, above the start of the XTERRA World Championship. Each year Maui hosts this event, which brings together hundreds of participants from all over the world who have qualified to compete in a multi-sport race consisting of swimming, mountain biking, and trail running. This shot shows the competitors as they transition between the two laps of the swim; capturing the excitement of the waves at the shore and the cheering crowds.”

Category: People / Location: Kapalua, Maui


kauai reef photo contest
Photo and caption by Noreen Flanagan of Scarborough, ME

“This photo of the reef was taken from an open door helicopter over Kauai. We were on our honeymoon and as the helicopter rounded the Napali coast we saw two wonders – a balloon launched into the atmosphere by NASA and this beautiful reef. I’m afraid of heights but the views from open door helicopter tour were definitely worth it!”

Category: Outdoors / Location: Northern Shore Reef of Kauai


waikiki hawaii photo contest
Photo and caption by Paula Kelly of San Diego, CA

“As I was walking around Waikiki (don’t remember exacly where), I noticed this striking image that incongruously combines the natural and man-made landscape that is Waikiki.”

Category: Abstract / Location: Waikiki, Oahu


waikani falls maui
Photo and caption by Jason O’Rourke of Honolulu, HI

“Waikani Falls, also known as Three Little Bears, is one of my favorite stops on The Road to Hana. Some days, it might be a trickle, and some days it might be gushing, but this day, it was just right!”

Category: Outdoors / Location: Waikani Falls, The Road to Hana, Maui


old lahaina luau
Photo and caption by Marie Frost of Dexter, MI

“There were many powerful moments during the amazing performances at the Old Lahaina Luau, but I loved the emotion and strength of this lone woman, profile strong and arms stretched out toward the light.”

Category: People / Location: Old Lahaina Luau, Lahaina, Maui


Photo and caption by Katherine Keates of Toronto, ON

“Light kisses curves in the heart of Haleakala accentuate the drama of this magnificent location.”

Category: Outdoors / Location: Haleakala Crater, Maui

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