This residential saltwater pool is an inviting tropical retreat

From tranquil lagoon to party-time playhouse, this pool has it all.

From the time Seth Sutherland began contemplating his dream home, one thing was clear — there simply had to be a pool. “I wanted people to come over to this house and say, ‘Wow! Now that is amazing,’” Sutherland says. “It had to be visually impactful.”

Sutherland, who owns S. S. Builders Hawaii Inc., planned to build an expansive, two-story home with an open floor plan and a Hawaii feel — all within a few hundred feet of the beach. To complete the look, the general contractor reached out to pool builder Brandon Dias of Poseidon Pools. “Seth was right. It’s the kind of house that has to have a pool,” says Dias, who has worked with Sutherland for more than a decade. “Now, the trick was to fit what he wanted into a smallish backyard.”

Dias says he tried many layouts before they were finally able to find one that fit the space properly.

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