What the HAWAIʻI Magazine Staff is Going to Do First After COVID-19

While nobody knows when the statewide shutdown will end, our staffers know exactly how they will enjoy their post-quarantine life.
Remember being around other people? Photo: Getty Images

As the days begin to blend together, and our current quarantine lifestyle has become the norm, it’s reassuring to know that at some point this will all be over and we can once again enjoy the pre-quarantine activities that made us happy. While a return to normalcy may be a little ways off, the HAWAIʻI Magazine staff knows exactly what they want to do once this is all over.

Catherine’s three hiking buddies from left to right: Opae, Indy and Sunny.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

“Since the trail to the Makapuʻu Lighthouse has been closed since the statewide shutdown, I’ve missed my weekly hikes there with my dogs. I can still surf and hike most trails, but I actually miss this trek the most. And my dogs do, too.”

—Catherine Toth Fox, editor

Horseshoe Bend in Sedona, Arizona.
Photo: Getty Images

“I’ll be meeting my daughter in Sedona, Arizona. I had a trip we had to cancel because of the coronavirus.”

—Margie Memminger, classifieds account executive

Waimea Bay on Oʻahu’s North Shore is a prime beach barbecue location.
Photo: David Croxford

“A barbecue at the beach with family and friends! I can’t wait to do that. Before I go to the barbecue, I have to get my roots and toes done, too. Actually, I have to get those done first!”

—Dawn Hirayama, publisher

Hopefully, we can all relax on the beach like this honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) in the near future.
Photo: Jacquelyn Moy

“I’m dying to reconnect with nature and my camera, so I want to go on a hike and then capture a gorgeous sunset at the beach.”

—Jacquelyn Moy, account executive

Miss just spending time with friends and family—preferably at a beach.
Photo: Getty Images

“Visit our families and go to the beach or have a pool party. The weather is finally warm enough to go swimming—and I really miss my mom.”

—Kayla Rivera, art director

Who knew you could miss foot traffic and bustling streets?
Photo: David Croxford

“It’s strange to say, but I can’t wait to be around people again. I used to dread heading to work in bustling Downtown Honolulu, but now I’m almost looking forward to it again.”

—Kevin Allen, associate editor

Shelley’s favorite—and secret—beach.
Photo: Shelley Shiroma

“I can’t wait to go to my favorite beach and stick my foldable chair in the water and drink some beers all day. Also definitely booking an appointment to get my nails done. Might go a little crazy and get a tattoo for the heck of it, haha! Mom, if you read this I’m so sorry.”

—Shelley Shiroma, digital media specialist

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