What’s Your Poke Bowl Personality?

It's time for the hard truth; what kind of poke bowl are you?
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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Face it, we’re all some kind of poke bowl. Yes, you read that right. Our personalities, actions and ethics can all pretty much be surmised from what sort of poke bowl we order which in turn makes us the poke bowl. (Don’t mind the leaps in logic, this article is just for fun!)

So what kind of poke bowl personality are you? Find out below!

The Spicy ʻAhi

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Bold, courageous, spicy.
Photo: Kevin Allen

Fierce, courageous, and a little extra, you love dramatics and aren’t scared to take risks—just like ordering a spicy ʻahi bowl. Willing to tempt future stomach aches and pain for the taste of that flavorful spicy ʻahi, those who order this bowl like to live life on the edge.

The Shoyu ʻAhi

The great thing about shoyu ʻahi bowls is that they’re dependable. You’ll rarely ever have a bad one, and some would say it’s the iconic way to eat poke. This can also be said about those who order a shoyu ʻahi bowl. Reliable, loved by everyone and friendly, those with this poke bowl personality can easily blend into any social situation and get along with just about anyone.

The Limu ʻAhi

The salty, somewhat earthy flavors of limu (seaweed) perfectly mirror the personality of those getting this poke variant. The population of this poke bowl personality includes down-to-earth nature lovers who find themselves drawn to the sea and sun. If they don’t have a beach cleanup scheduled for their weekend, they’ll probably be out hiking, diving or surfing.

The Oyster Sauce ʻAhi

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The reserved oyster sauce poke.
Photo: Kevin Allen

Getting to know someone who orders the oyster sauce ʻahi poke bowl can be tough—they may initially seem cold or reluctant to socialize—but once you break through that exterior, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sweeter personality type.

The Kim Chee Tako

Talk about a wildcard. Nobody can really know what to expect from you, aside from knowing that they should stay on their toes when you’re around. At times you can be sweet and at other times spicy. Don’t feel bad if this is your poke bowl personality however, you keep things interesting and exciting for those around you.

The “Secret” Sauce ʻAhi

Everywhere that sells poke bowls has one type that is simply defined as “secret.” And every friend group always has that one person who doesn’t feel the need to talk when they don’t want to. Sometimes they just … disappear, for weeks at a time. Where do they go? What is the “secret” sauce? Why does it taste so good? Nobody knows, it’s a secret.

The Hawaiian Style ʻAhi

Cheeeeeee hooooooo. You’re one local kine braddah–or sistah. Pidgin? On point. Tacoma? Lifted. Every word to Hawaiʻi Ponoʻi? Memorized. You’re a true keiki of da ʻāina, and you’re not afraid to show it loud and proud.

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