You’ll Love the Banana Bread from These Hawaiʻi Eateries

Who doesn’t love a loaf of banana bread, especially on National Banana Bread Day today.
Banana Nut Bread
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While Maui may be the most well-known Hawaiian Island for its banana bread, all islands—from Kauaʻi to Hawaiʻi Island—have their own bakeries, cafés and shops favorited by locals looking for a loaf. Here are a few we know you’ll love—or if you’ve got yourself a bundle of ripening bananas, you can make your own banana bread with a recipe graciously shared with HAWAIʻI Magazine by chef local Matthew Naula.

Mākua Banana Bread Co. (Oʻahu)

As the name implies, Mākua Banana Bread Co. deals almost exclusively in banana bread—it does sell chocolate chip cookies, too—its loaves have quickly become an Oʻahu favorite. The banana bread is homemade, the business is family-owned, and the loaves of bread feature weekly added flavors like peanut butter and even locally sourced chocolates.

Where to get your loaf: Mākua Banana Bread Co. doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar just yet, so follow them on Instagram (@makuabananabread).

Kamehameha Bakery (Oʻahu)

The Honolulu bakery has been a long-standing local favorite for a reason—it’s because they know how to make delicious pastries. And its mouthwatering banana bread loaf upholds the bakeries’ delectable legacy; these loaves are the second-best-selling item next to its popular—and signature—poi malasadas.

Where to get your loaf: 1284 Kalani St., Unit D106, (808) 845-5831.

Island Vintage Coffee (Oʻahu)

If you haven’t tried the poi banana bread from Island Vintage Coffee, then do yourself a favor and go grab a slice. The classic banana bread flavor mixes perfectly with the subtle hints of poi, and the banana bread’s texture and consistency makes every bite feel as good as it tastes. Island Vintage Coffee also serves an array of caffeinated drinks, and a cup of coffee goes well with a slice.

Where to get your loaf: Find all Island Vintage Coffee locations here.

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery (Oʻahu)

Doughing out banana bread in classic and chocolate varieties, Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery’s loaves are some of the best on the island. But, you’ll have to wake up early to get a piece for yourself, as the banana bread often sells out in the morning.

Where to get your loaf: 3632 Waiʻalae Ave., Honolulu, (808) 738-8200.

Aunty Sandy’s Banana Bread (Maui)

Maui is known for its moist loaves of banana bread, thanks in large part to shops like Aunty Sandy’s banana bread. A family-run business for over 30 years, visitors and locals will go out of their way to make a quick stop at Aunty Sandy’s. Her bread is just that good.

Where to get your loaf: 210 Keʻanae Road, Haʻikū, Maui, (808) 248-7448.

Julia’s Best Banana Bread (Maui)

“Best Banana Bread.” It’s right there in the name. And honestly, it might be right. Julia’s is located in West Maui and the owner sells her loaves from a bright green roadside stand-slash-treehouse. You won’t miss it—and you definitely won’t want to miss its banana bread. Packed with flavor, the only thing that could make it better is a spread of’lilikoʻi (passionfruit) butter, which you can also purchase at Julia’s.

Where to get your loaf: 7465 Kahekili Highway, Wailuku,

Halfway to Hāna (Maui)


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There are quite a few reasons to drive the Road to Hāna. The marvelous sights, the roadside gushing waterfalls and the thrill of the drive. And stopping to get a slice of banana bread from the roadside convenience store Halfway to Hāna should be added to that list. The bread is made daily—and deliciously. You might want to grab a loaf for the road, because as the sign says, you’re only halfway to Hāna.

Where to get your loaf: 13710 Hāna Highway (mile marker 17), Haʻikū, (808) 248-7037.

Lokelani’s Banana Bread & Treats (Kauaʻi)

Made right in Kapaʻa, Lokelani’s Banana Bread & Treats should really put Kauaʻi on the map for banana bread aficionados. Not only is the banana bread ʻono (delicious), the Kauaʻi vendor sells a variety of loaves, some with chocolate chips, others with walnuts and even macadamia nuts. Of course, you can’’t go wrong with plain old banana bread!

Where to get your loaf: Order online at

Short N Sweet Bakery & Café (Hawaiʻi Island)

Known for its housemade breads—including the popular Portuguese sweet bread—and Sunday brunch, this Hilo bakery also whips up a delectable banana bread, sold by the slice. (For those of you who remember the historic Robert’s Bakery, this shop is located there.)

Where to get your loaf: 374 Kinoʻole St., Hilo, (808) 935-4446,

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