Photos of Lanikai sunrise and Waikiki at night.
Photo: Wikipedia/Commons 

Top 5 Romantic Spots in Hawai

The last time we checked, Hawaii was still one of the most romantic spots on Earth. So … if you’re with us in the Islands this week, consider this list we put together of places ideal for adventuring with your loved one tomorrow. 

1.    Hanalei Bay by moonlight. A song has been written about the Hanalei moon, but even if you don’t know the tune, you’ll feel its harmony. 

2.    Lanikai at sunrise. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the Mokulua Islands, with your bare feet in the sand.

3.    Kona Coast at sunset. Even better with a chilled glass of something nice in one hand, and your partner nearby.

4.    A nighttime cruise off Waikiki. It may look crowded from the sidewalk, but from the water, the lights of Waikiki are like diamonds.

5.    A picnic along the shore, just past Hana. It’s the closest you’ll come to your desert island fantasy.