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A guide to Hawaii's best beaches for bodysurfing

Hawaii_best_beaches_for_bodysurfingHAWAII Magazine reader John Stock wrote us with a question about the best Hawaii beaches for a favorite ocean activity:

Is there anywhere I can find relatively safe body surfing beaches on Oahu and possibly the Big Island?

Great question, John. But we thought it a good idea to expand our answer to include favorite body surfing beaches on Kauai, Maui and Lanai, too.

Bodysurfing, for the uninitiated, is the sport of riding waves without the use of a surfboard, bodyboard or any other floatation device. (That's President Obama, in the photo showing how it's done at popular Oahu bodysurfing spot Sandy Beach on an August 2008 vacation.) Swim fins are often used in bodysurfing as a means of propulsion when riding a wave in and kick swimming back out for more. But otherwise, bodysurfers typically hit the waves with little else.

Bodysurfing can be done at basically any beach with waves that is also safe for swimming. The best bodysurfing beaches, however, provide a relatively steady supply of waves between 2 ft. and 3.5 feet in height.

An important tip to remember before heading out to the beach: Always check ocean conditions first, as surf heights at many beaches change depending on the season and weather conditions.

Click through to the pages ahead for a by-island guide to Hawaii's favorite bodysurfing beaches, complete with helpful tips to know before you reach the beach:

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