5 ways to give aloha today

Do all of these this holiday season (actually, make that right now)!
hawaii aloha

As many already know, aloha means “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love,” but locals will also use it as a verb. Here are a few ways to easily express your aloha for someone.

1. Lei

lei hawaii
An array of lei for sale.
Photo: NekaPearl/Flickr

A customary way to greet malihini (visitors) or congratulate loved ones on a special occasion across the Islands. Lei stands flourish with beautiful varieties of flowers at airports and in city centers—anywhere a flow of traffic and goodwill can be found.


2. Shaka

shaka hawaii
Illustration: Dana Paresa/HAWAIʻI Magazine

Hawaii’s most ubiquitous modern gesture is appropriate for all everyday situations. Some use it to say, “Mahalo!” to a car that lets them in their lane while driving about the state; others whip it out in a heated situation to let all parties know it’s time to cool down. The shaka really does cover the spectrum of emotions, brah.


3. Honi

Photo: macronix/Flickr

You’ll be hard pressed to find a local who will just give you a handshake and leave it there. A honi, or small kiss on the cheek, coupled with a hug is one of the warmest ways to make a new addition to your ohana feel like they’re at home—especially the aunties!


4. Food (And Lots of It)

food hawaii
Mix plate from Rainbow Drive-In.
Photo: Steve Czerniak/HAWAIʻI Magazine

The quickest way to someone’s heart in Hawaii is through a meal. The mixed plate of cultures present here makes food—whether it’s home-cooked or dining out—a really big and important way of life.


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