An Island veranda house’s remarkable remodel

This Windward Oahu home was completely rebuilt with an Island feel.

At first glance, this property up for sale  in Kailua was unremarkable. And for good reason: The 60-year-old, single-story, single-wall, 1,500-square-foot home was small and dated. “The residence was not in the best shape,” says the prospective buyer, “but the lot’s great potential gave me pause.”

With some careful planning and hard work, though, the man knew he could make this the family home for generations to come. “In Hawaii, you bequeath property instead of money,” says the man. “The home’s location is ideal – it’s on a quiet street within Kailua estates, near the beach and just outside Kailua town, so it still has that ‘country’ feeling of Old Hawaii. In a word, it was a fortuitous discovery.”

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