Char’s Chopsticks: Hamura’s Saimin, Kauai’s mom-and-pop saimin restaurant


People always say, “If you go to Kauai, you have to try Hamura’s Saimin.”  When I went to the Garden Isle, I had to see what everyone was talking about.

Hamura’s Saimin is hidden in the heart of Lihue. Even with the address in hand, you have to drive slowly, keeping your eyes open for a small, old blue building on Kress Street.
Hamura’s Saimin has been in business since 1951, and the building looks like it hasn’t been painted since then. The restaurant’s sign might be missing an “n,” but inside the local eatery, you’ll find one of Hawaii’s best bowls of saimin.

Kauai_mom-and-pop_saimin_restaurantI ordered the “Special Regular”: noodles, fish cake, won ton, Chinese cabbage, a hard boil egg and pieces of pork in Hamura’s special secret broth.

Besides the ono and, my favorite, Hamura’s famous (tasty) saimin, Hamura’s also sell BBQ beef and chicken skewerslilikoi chiffon pie.

When the waitress brought my slice of pie, I forgot to take a picture of it. It went straight into my mouth. Kauai_mom-and-pop_saimin_restaurantMy apologies. I guess you’ll have to check it out yourself.

UPDATE, 8/11/08: Hamura’s Saimin is one of our “Best Places to Eat You Wouldn’t Find on Your Own” winners.

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