Hawaii interisland airlines go! and Mokulele merging air services

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Hawaii interisland air carriers go! and Mokulele will merge air services in a partnership announced today by the parent companies of both airlines. 

Got a reservation for either carrier? Here’s what you need to know:

• Both go! and Mokulele will continue to operate Hawaii interisland flights and book reservations under their respective brand names, but will fly as one airline go! Mokulele.

• Passengers can continue to book reservations on go! and Mokulele through each carrier’s respective Web sites.

• Existing reservations on go! and Mokulele will be honored.

• Passengers will now check-in at co-branded go!/Mokulele ticket counters.

go! and Mokuele have set up a joint Web site to answer passenger questions about the possible effects of the merger on their travel plans. Click here for the site.

Under the terms of the partnership, go! parent company Mesa Air Group, Inc. will own 75 percent  of the new company while Mokulele parent Mokulele Flight Service Inc. (and majority shareholder Republic Airways) will own 25 percent.

The merger of the two air carriers effectively creates Hawaii’s second-largest interisland airline, after Hawaiian Airlines.

Founded in 1998, Kailua-Kona-based Mokulele Airlines added interisland jet service to its turboprop schedule last November, immediately putting itself in direct marketshare competition with go! and Hawaiian. The carrier quickly became known for its agressive fare promotions. When Mokulele, on Aug. 24, introduced a $299 interisland flight pass, good for unlimited travel during the entire month of September, go! and Hawaiian Airlines jumped into the fray within hours with their own $24.99 one-way fares.

go! launched Hawaii interisland air service in April 2007, competing with Hawaiian Airlines and then still-operating Aloha Airlines for marketshare.

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