How the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is working toward a sustainable future

Hereʻs what Hawaii is doing to meet its clean energy goals

The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is a network of private sector, non-profit, and government leaders committed to helping Hawaii reach its clean energy goals. By activating key players, it builds upon the ongoing work of public and private organizations to:

• Define the new infrastructure needed to move Hawaii to a clean energy economy.

• Foster and demonstrate innovation in the use of clean energy technologies, creative financing and public policy to accelerate our transition to clean energy.

• Create economic opportunity by developing and diversifying Hawaii’s economy so all of us
reap the benefits of a sustainable energy policy.

• Establish an “open source” learning model that supports other Island communities seeking to achieve similar goals while making Hawaii a world model for clean, energy-based economies.

• Build our workforce with new skills that will form the foundation of an energy-independent Hawaii.

What can I do to help Hawaii reach its renewable energy goals?

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