How to Watch the Merrie Monarch Festival 2023

Hawaiʻi's premier hula competition is back for another year, and here's how you can watch it happen live.
Hālau Lilia Makanoe Shelsea Lilia Ai Photo By Tracey Niimi
Hālau Lilia Makanoe at the 2022 Merrie Monarch Festival. Photo: Tracey Niimi

One of the largest events of the year in Hawaiʻi, the Merrie Monarch Festival is a true celebration of Hawaiian culture and hula all on Hawaiʻi Island. Featuring three straight days of competition—the Miss Aloha Hula competition on April 13, the Kahiko division on April 14 and the ʻAuana division on April 15—the event has been referred to as the Olympics of hula. So, of course, you’ll want to see it all happen live. If you’re not already a ticket holder or aren’t on Hawaiʻi Island, don’t fret—here’s how to watch the Merrie Monarch Festival 2023 live.

Where to Watch the Merrie Monarch 2023 Live

To watch the contest live, local station KFVE will stream the event from its website. If you can’t stream your web browser to your TV for fullscreen action, you can get K5 on channel 6 with Spectrum, Hawaiian Tel or DirecTV customer, and on channel 8 with Dish Network.

Broadcasting Schedule:

You won’t want to miss your favorite event or competition, so we’ve also included the broadcasting schedule of the Merrie Monarch Festival 2023.

Miss Aloha Hula Competition: Thursday, April 13, 6 p.m., Hawaiʻi Standard Time

Hula Kahiko Competition: Friday, April 14, 6 p.m., Hawaiʻi Standard Time

Hula ʻAuana Competition: Saturday, April 15, 6 p.m., Hawaiʻi Standard Time

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Of course, we’ll have all sorts of post-event coverage once the days of competition are over, so if you couldn’t figure out how to watch the Merrie Monarch Festival 2023 live, make sure to come on back here for our articles on which halau won in what categories. Since this is the 60th Merrie Monarch Festival, and the first that will be open to the public since the COVID-19 pandemic, spirits will be at an all-time high at this year’s event and you can expect to see stunning performances from the many Hawaiʻi hula halau participating.

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