Kauai hospital saddled with visiting horse


“I’m coming up to see a relative.”

That’s what a Kauai man said at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai—before taking a horse three floors upstairs.

Hospital security stopped the reportedly intoxicated man and his steed. He’d already trotted the horse through the hospital’s lobby and into an elevator, all to cheer up his relative.

But when he saw the stallion, the ailing patient said, “That’s not my horse.”

The incident, which happened earlier this month, went international this weekend as newswires picked up on the story.

It was a field day for headlines.  BBC News: “Hospital Bridles at Horse in Lift.” FOX News: “Hospital to Visitor: No Horsing Around.”  Honolulu Star-Bulletin: “Hospital Just Says Neigh to Horse.”

Security escorted the equestrian and his horse out of the hospital, into the truck and trailer in which they arrived. The pair left without incident.

(Letting an allegedly intoxicated dude drive away with a horse? Oh, well.)

The hospital did not release photos of the incident, nor the identity of the rider or the patient. The steed remains a horse with no name.

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