Sending Mochi Ice Cream to Hawaii


A mysterious package arrived for me at front desk. I felt like a mad scientist when I opened it and a fog rose from the Styrofoam box packed with dry ice. When the fog cleared, I saw five whole boxes of Mikawaya’s Mochi Ice Cream.

Mikawaya is based in Los Angeles, but mochi ice cream is a Hawaii favorite. It’s a perfect combination of textures: ice cream, still hard despite its journey across the Pacific, wrapped in soft mochi (Japanese sweet rice cake).
Sending_Mochi_Ice_Cream_to_HawaiiThe frozen treat, available online and at many stores, comes in seven flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla, Kona Coffee, Chocolate, Red Bean and Green Tea (there’s also a Taro Mochi, but it’s seasonal and currently not available). Our favorites were strawberry and mango, a perfect afternoon treat.

If you want to be more adventurous with your dessert, you can also try this recipe.

Mango Mochi Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce

1 box Mikawaya Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Raspberry Sauce:

1 (10 ounce) package frozen raspberries (thawed)

1/4 cup white sugar

2 Tablespoons cornstarch

2 Tablespoons water

Sending_Mochi_Ice_Cream_to_HawaiiIn small saucepan, combine raspberries and sugar over medium heat. Cook until raspberries are broken down (about 10 minutes). In a separate bowl, mix cornstarch and water until combined.  When raspberries are broken down, slowly whisk in cornstarch mixture. Bring to boil and cook 3 minutes or until slightly thickened. Chill well.

Serve individual Mango Mochi Ice Cream on plate. Drizzle with Raspberry Sauce.

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