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Parents and Children Together

For more than 50 years, Parents And Children Together has provided essential social services and early education to help Hawai‘i’s children and families create bright and healthy futures.

The Institute for Human Services

Every year, IHS serves over 5,000 people who are homeless or are in danger of becoming so. The organization helps with a wide variety of needs: housing and rental assistance, access to emergency and specialty shelters, daily meals, specialized case management, employment support, health services, veterans assistance and family programs.

About Hawai‘i Gives Back

Hawai‘i Gives Back celebrates the spirit of philanthropy in Hawai‘i.  We shine a light on the many extraordinary nonprofits across the state doing good work because it’s the right thing to do. Most of these organizations work within tight budgets trying to meet extreme needs. They depend on the generosity of their donors and the hard work of their volunteers to fulfill their missions.  We hope you’ll celebrate with us, and maybe along the way, find your place in our community’s spirit of philanthropy.