Have Aloha Will Travel EP109: Talking Hawaiʻi Food with Foodie Melissa Chang

Local food blogger Melissa Chang is back — for the fourth time! — to share her favorite new restaurants and Hawaiʻi snacks on a special live episode of the podcast.
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Local foodie Melissa Chang with our editor at large Catherine Toth Fox and their favorite local snacks. Photo: Emily Smith

With summer right around the corner—it’s already the middle of May!—we decided to talk about our favorite travel activity: eating!

We enlisted resident local foodie Melissa Chang (@melissa808) to share with editor at large Catherine Toth Fox (@catherinetothfox) her favorite new restaurants in Hawaiʻi. And both talk about their favorite local snacks. In fact, if you were able to join our Facebook Live on Friday (May 12), you would have seen the two eating these snacks, too.

If you’re a regular listener, you may have heard other podcasts with Chang. In fact, she’s been on three others: Episode 2 about food trends, Episode 57 about food and Episode 82 about Maui.

So what did we dish about?

Chang brought treats from the following places:

  • Mango mille crêpe pie, mango mochi and mango pancakes from MangoMango Dessert
  • Harumi’s Hawaiian Salt Cookies, assorted macadamia nut shortbread cookies and its popular snack mix from Big Island Candies

Toth Fox brought:

Yuzu lemon peel gummies from Sticky Fingers Snacks

Scones from Waioli Kitchen & Bake Shop

They talked about Waioli Kitchen & Bake Shop in Mānoa on Oʻahu—which we’ve written about here—and the new restaurant Umi by Vikram Garg, whom many may remember from the Halekūlani. They also fielded a question about their favorite eating spots on Maui, which included Huihui, Papaʻaina at the Pioneer Inn and Sam Sato’s.

Another Facebook viewer wanted to know what are some local snacks she can try when she’s in town this year. We recommended she read this list.

Hope you enjoy!


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